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There are so many exciting and interesting books. But how are you supposed to get an overview? There are novels, dramas, non-fiction books, biographies and much more. There are also thousands of different authors from different centuries.

We can help you find the right literature for you. Our authors are all book lovers of different genres and are also professionally involved with literature and books.

Paul B. Smith

Paul is a literary scholar and therefore deals with literature not only privately but also full-time. Especially classics are his passion.

He shares his book recommendations with you in our product guide.

Aimee Hazel

Aimee has been an avid reader since childhood. She’s not stuck on any one genre. She enjoys crime novels just as much as romance or fantasy novels.

She loves discovering new authors and is always on the lookout for the most exciting new releases.

 Oliveira Ribeiro

Oliveira has worked for several publishers. As an editor, she particularly enjoyed discovering new works and optimizing them.

She shares her favorite books and new discoveries with you in our guides.

Alexander Lynch

Alexander is a trained journalist. The research of always new topics and the elaboration of stories are his passion.

For textspace.net he always makes new book discoveries and shares them with you in the product recommendations.

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